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Bingo Guide – Tips and Strategy

Whether you are a serious player looking for some real money or if a nice teddy bear is enough to satisfy your heart you should consider a few points of strategy to better your game. Obviously this is a game of luck and as such you can never really know for sure when and if you are going to have a winning match. Still, there are those that say that with a strategy you can become a better player and enhance your chances of winning. If nothing else these advices might make the gaming more fun and after all that is the best strategy of all, to enjoy yourself!

One advice is to play with cards that you like. In online Bingo the computer will choose your card for you but in most places you are free to switch a card that you don’t like. Some say it is wise to have cards with numbers spread as much as possible giving you all possible combinations of numbers. Others say that the opposite is true. Try and find similar cards and this way ensure a higher possibility of matching numbers. Whichever way you choose some say to stick to it diligent while the other way to go about would be to switch in between as you see fit.

Online you have the automatic “daub” function which crosses the numbers for you. This gives the opportunity of playing many cards at once and thereby should increase the chances of winning. It certainly makes it easer for you to try the techniques described above as you wont have to stress to keep track on your many cards and you should be able to see the results of the strategy fairly soon. Just remember that if you buy many cards you might also lower your potential winning. Try to find a balance in the number of cards and your desired prize sum.

Since most online Bingo Halls will give you the opportunity to switch a card that doesn’t appeal to you, you could try and find cards with the numbers that you view as your lucky ones. By sticking to a few numbers and making sure that you always have them represented in one or more cards you could find your own way to the winning combination.

When you have the opportunity to pick your own numbers a recommended method is to use overlapping numbers. You try to concentrate your numbers and hope that the draw will end up in the same area that you made your marks. If you do get a hit on a certain number you double it in the next game and if you get another hit you triple it. This is said to be a successful technique by some but then again Bingo is a game of chance and the most important is that you use a strategy that you feel suits you, perhaps a combination of numbers that is entirely unique to you.

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