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Responsible Online Bingo

When playing online free bingo, be sure to take advantage of all the information provided on the website as well.  You’ll find plenty of great articles on the site – some are informative and some are just fun.

Online free bingo is a very popular way to enjoy some online gaming.  For some people it can provide a bit of risk however as it is a form of gambling.  Taking advantage of some online free bingo should never turn into problematic gambling, so if you think you might be susceptible to such a problem, there are a few things you should be aware of in order to protect yourself from gambling problems online.

Playing Online Bingo Responsibly

Our Commitment to Our Bingo Players

We are committed to safe, secure and enjoyable online bingo.  To this end we provide advice on gambling issues on the website.  We also list out web links that will take you directly to organizations that are dedicated to helping people who are affected by gambling problems and those who are at risk. We also provide information and some helpful tips on how you can lessen your risk when playing online bingo.

Providing our customers with resources to help with any existing or potential gambling problems is a commitment we take very seriously.

Tips for Safe Online Bingo

The first rule of safe online bingo playing is to only spend money you can afford to lose.  Don’t use the money you need to pay your rent, utilities or your bills and don’t borrow money to use for online bingo.  It is best to know exactly how much you can afford to spend before you play so that you don’t go overboard.

If you do lose money playing, it is best not to keep playing in hopes of winning back what you have lost.  Walk away and play again another time when you can afford it again.  Don’t ever expect to win money gambling in order to pay off your debts.

Setting a time limit and a budget limit for play is an excellent way to manage your play.  When your budget is used up or your time limit is met, stop playing no matter where your winnings or losses stand at the moment.

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